made to measure

love me, hate me.. either way your thinking of me :D, love life hate life but you make it what it is.. 17.. 18 in november, dads in the army, bording school child since 2002.. now at SUFFOLK ONE 6th FORM.. fuckingg brilliant!! studying health and social and psychology.. love sports!!
Family and friends=everythingg
Joe Purcell;: i love you!! <3

if you can find the time, to give your love to me, i will wait for you, if thats all you need ..i’ll be right here, if you can find the time, just be sincere, if you can find the time, i’ll wait for you, but if you can’t find the time, then cut me loose ..what do you take me for? why am i still waiting? cause while you decide, i’m fucking suffocating, cause if you can’t find the time, my bleeding heart won’t make it


wow these lyrics are speaking to me right now

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